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TAKE ACTION: DIA National Call-in Day – November 25, 2019

This Thanksgiving be thankful for your Freedom… and TAKE ACTION!
Disability Integration Act (DIA) – S. 117 and H.R. 555 TODAY!

As you celebrate and enjoy this Thanksgiving holiday season in your community, remember the millions of disabled people locked up in institutions and not able to join in these celebrations!

Let’s win freedom for them and get the DIA passed into law!

National Call-in Day: November 25th
Tell Speaker Pelosi to pass the Disability Integration Act (DIA) – H.R. 555 Today!

Currently DIA has 235 bi-partisan Cosponsors in the House of Representatives.  This is more than enough to get it passed with a full floor vote, but the bill remain locked away in committee – just like the millions of people in nursing facilities and other institutions!

On September 25, 2019 ADAPTers delivered a letter to Speaker Pelosi with 3,171 signatures telling her to pass the DIA by the end of this year!

We are closer than every to victory.  We already have enough cosponsors to pass the bill in the House and only need 18 more cosponsors in the Senate for a majority!  Despite broad-based support and no opposition willing to go on record, we have had no word or any movement on the House bill as of today!

There are over 2 million disabled people in nursing facilities and other institutions! It’s time to change the policies that lock them away!

Support is growing despite this blockade by House Leadership.  Marca Bristo – before she died – personally told Nancy Pelosi to bring DIA to the House floor for a vote!  Following Marca’s death, Yoshiko Dart issued this compelling Call to Action.

On October 31st, The Hill (newspaper) published an OpEd stating this: “Congress must pass the Disability Integration Act”. Thanks to Laura VanPuymbrouck, Ph.D. for writing this.


On Monday, November 25th – the week of Thanksgiving as you celebrate your freedom!

Call Speaker Pelosi’s office for the millions of disabled people who are not free!
Call 202-225-4965  Once connected tell the office:
Please tell Speaker Pelosi to pass The Disability Integration Act of 2019 H.R. 555 before the end of the year!

Give them your name and identify that you are contacting her office because she is the Speaker of the House!  She has the power to move DIA and FREE OUR PEOPLE!

Then get your family, friends, co-workers and other community members to call and email as well!

Reach out to Speaker Pelosi via Social Media:
Twitter: @SpeakerPelosi
IG: speakerpelosi
Hashtags to use on Social Media: #DIA #DIAToday #DisabilityFreedom


The Disability Integration Act (DIA) is a civil rights, bipartisan and bicameral legislation that ensures people with disabilities have a right to live and receive services in their own homes. The DIA further secures our Constitutionally protected right to liberty by preventing disabled people from being forced into costly institutional settings by unnecessary government regulations. The DIA (S.117.H.R.555) in the 116th introduced on January 15th in honor of the 90th birthday of the great civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by Senators Charles Schumer, Minority Leader (D-NY) and Cory Gardner (R-CO) in the Senate and Representative Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) in the House, creates a comprehensive solution, assuring the full integration of disabled people.

For more information on DIA go to:


Thank you for your work on this! Together we will get this imperative civil rights legislation the DIA passed and FREE OUR PEOPLE!

Dara Baldwin
Director of National Policy
Center for Disability Rights, Inc.

*Please contact Dara Baldwin at for information or questions about the campaign to get DIA passed into law!

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