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Senator pushes legislation that gives individuals with disabilities the option to live at home

Right Now, Individuals With Disabilities Who Might Need Help With Everyday Tasks Such as Eating, Dressing, Bathing, Maintaining Meds & More Are Not Given the Option to Live In the Setting of Their Choosing; Schumer Says This Denies People With Disabilities the Freedom to Live Independently

Schumer’s Bill, the Disability Integration Act of 2015, Rights This Wrong By Ensuring Services Are Provided to Any Individual Who is Found Eligible for Institutional Care to Receive Critical Services and Supports in the Setting of Their Choosing; Schumer Bill Addresses Longstanding Civil Rights Issue That Currently Denies Individuals with Disabilities This Basic Right & Helps Alleviate Financial, Emotional Burden Often Posed On Loved Ones

Schumer: Individuals With Disabilities Have the Basic Right to Live Independent, Fulfilling Lives & This Bill Helps Do Just That While Giving Them the Support They Need Each & Every Day

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