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In Person Celebration and Watch Party

The Disability Community nationwide will be celebrating the reintroduction of the Disability Integration Act in the 116th Congress on January 15th at 3pm EST! We invite you to join this celebration by hosting an in person celebration in your local area or by hosting a virtual watch party!

What is an In Person Celebration?

An In Person Celebration is an event held in your local area where at least 4 people come together in one space to celebrate the reintroduction of the Disability Integration Act. This can be at a local independent living center, community room, or even your house! The group of people can either call in to listen to the reintroduction event on a phone line or watch the reintroduction via webcast.

How Can I Host an In Person Celebration?

It’s simple! First, sign up to host an In Person Celebration.

Then decide where you will host your celebration, who you will invite, and what activities you want to include in your event. Here is a list of ideas and tips on hosting an In Person Celebration.

When hosting an in person celebration, we recommend you live stream the webcast video which will start at 3pm EST on January 15, 2019. This video will be streamed on National ADAPT’s Youtube as well as on National ADAPT’s Facebook page.

What is a Facebook Watch Party?

A Facebook Watch Party is a way for people to watch a video on Facebook together in real-time. When a Facebook Watch Party is initiated, participants can all watch the same video from different locations and interact with each other via a chat box. This is a great option for people who are unable to travel to an In Person Celebration because they can still be connected and celebrate with a group.

How Can I Host a Facebook Watch Party?

First, sign up to host a Watch Party.

Then on January 15th at 3pm EST use the following instructions to start your Watch Party:

  1. Watch Parties are only shown in Facebook Groups, not on your personal walls. From your News Feed, click Groups and select a group that you manage or are a member of that you would like to host a watch party in (Example: Washington ADAPT group).
  2. Click Watch Party. On your mobile app you will need to try to write something in the text box and then a list of options will appear below the text box, including “Watch Party.” From your computer, the “Watch Party” option will either be below the text box in your group or you can find it by clicking the three small dots in the upper right corner of the text box that says “More” and the “Watch Party” option will appear in a list of options.
  3. After clicking “Watch Party” click “Add Video.” Then search @NationalADAPT to find the livestream video.
  4. Click Add to Queue, then click Done.
  5. You can choose to add a description for your Watch Party such as “Disability Integration Act Reintroduction!” Remember to use hashtags #DIAToday #FreedomDay2019 #DisabilityFreedom then click Post.
  6. You’ll see a message that says: “Your Watch Party Is About To Begin.”
  7. To add friends, type their name, click Invite next to their picture, then Done.
  8. Any friends you invite will receive a notification.
  9. When a friend joins, you’ll see their picture in the bottom left of your screen.
  10. Click “Write Something” to chat with your friends.
  11. You can click add emojis, GIFs, photos or videos to your comments, as well.
  12. To add more friends to your party, click Invite on the bottom left of the screen.
  13. When finished, click End Watch Party.