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DIA Postcard

Print this DIA postcard!

This DIA Postcard can be used:

• To give out in your community – post in coffee shops, grocery stores, community bulletins

• Give to your Congressional members and their staff – during visits or at town hall events or meetings in the community

• Take pictures when you are giving them to Congressional members and use hashtags #DIAtoday, #DisabilityFreedom – also tag their members

• Give to local and state representatives during meetings or at events

• Give to partners in the state – disability & civil rights groups they work with on projects etc.

• As handouts for conferences – put in bags for attendees

• As handouts when tabling at events

• Leave behinds when you go on trips or attend meetings

• Use in social media campaigns

DIA Postcard (Front)
DIA Postcard (Back)

Two-sided version of DIA postcards for easy printing (Crop marks are on the second page for easy cutting.)

Download here.


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