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Urge the House of Representatives to Pass DIA by July 26, 2019!

At the closing of this 115th Congress, the Disability Integration Act (DIA) had a record amount of bipartisan support with 144 cosponsors in the House and 26 cosponsors in the Senate. The momentum we have built around the Disability Integration Act has created a strong foundation for an early reintroduction of the bill in the 116th Congress and we have reason to expect the House of Representatives to pass this important piece of legislation by July 26, 2019 – the 29th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act!

Unfortunately, the House of Representatives, under Nancy Pelosi’s leadership, has signaled that the House will work to protect the rights of other marginalized communities, but has notably left the rights of Americans with Disabilities out of their priorities. Speaker Pelosi began the 116th Congress with a speech that outlined a progressive agenda to pass the Equality Act and to protect immigrants, children, and the environment. There was no commitment to protecting or advancing Disability Rights in her speech, and no mention of the Disability Integration Act.

We must work together to ensure that the House of Representatives does not leave the Disability Community behind. Passing the Disability Integration Act MUST be a priority for the House in 2019 and we need you to help make that happen.

Without you, the Disability Integration Act could not have come this far, and DIA needs your support now more than ever! Please sign on to the following letter urging the House of Representatives to take action and pass the Disability Integration Act! This letter is addressed to House Leadership and every member of the House will receive a copy.

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