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Letter to the House of Representatives on Passing the Disability Integration Act

Dear Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Hoyer, Majority Whip Clyburn, Minority Leader McCarthy, and Minority Whip Scalise,

We, the undersigned organizations, are proud to join in the support of the Disability Integration Act and urge you to pass this important, bipartisan legislation by July 26, 2019. The Disability Integration Act would finally secure for Americans with disabilities and seniors the Constitutional right to life and liberty which is promised to all Americans.

Right now, elderly Americans and Americans with disabilities are often denied their Constitutional right to freedom and their ability to live the American dream when they are forced into unwanted institutionalization in order to receive the supports and services they need to live. The Disability Integration Act builds on the Supreme Court’s 1999 decision Olmstead v. L.C. which states that Americans with disabilities have the right to live in the most integrated settings. However, eighteen years after that Supreme Court decision, the promise of Olmstead has not been fulfilled; seniors and people with disabilities are still being forced into nursing facilities and other institutional settings. The Disability Integration Act would remedy this by requiring insurance companies that would cover institutional services also offer those same long term services and supports in the individual’s home in the community.

This bipartisan legislation is long overdue, and yet, Speaker Pelosi has signaled that the lives and liberty of Americans with Disabilities are not a priority to the House of Representatives. The start of this 116th Congress has been filled with talk of creating opportunities for progress for every community except the Disability Community, but we refuse to be left behind.

Disabled Americans have spent far too long waiting to have their right to live in freedom guaranteed. It is time to ensure that our country’s promise of liberty is extended to all Americans. The Disability Integration Act will take us further down that path than we have ever been. Twenty-eight years after the ADA, the time is now to safeguard the freedom of Americans with disabilities and seniors.

We call on you as members of the House of Representatives to pass the Disability Integration Act before July 26, 2019.

Thank you,


  • National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities
  • National Black Justice Coalition



  • Advocacy
  • Center for Disability Rights

District of Columbia

  • DC Metro ADAPT


  • -------------------------------------------------------------------




  • Summit Independent Living
  • Summit Independent Living


  • disability reality collaborative